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domingo, abril 08, 2007

SIM CITY 4 -Principais Códigos de Truques,MAIN CHEAT CODES
Start game as usual. During gameplay press [Ctrl]+X to go to console,
then enter the following cheats followed by [Enter]:

WeaknessPays - Get More Simoleons

FightThePower - Remove Power Requierements

HowDryIAm - Remove Water Requierements

You don't deserve it - Unlock All Rewards

Stopwatch - Toggle Clock

WhatTimeIzIt # - Set Daytime To #

WhereRUFrom - Change The Name Of The City

HelloMyNameIs - Change Your Name

SizeOf # - Magnify To #

TastyZots - Toggle Cell Warnings

Recorder - Start Recorder

GOL - Green Tinge On Map

Zoneria - Hide empty zone color

DollyLlama - ?

Barstuck - ?

WatchMeMove - ?

FPS - ?

RP - ?

Flora - ?

RenderProp - ?

TerrainQuery - ?

RenderProp - ?

Effect - ?

NOTE: Entering invalid cheat codes will make the console and text remain indiferent,

whereas entering a valid cheat code will close the console.

Hold SHIFT down while pressing ENTER after entering a cheat code and console will
remain open.


Reactivate God mode

To reenter God mode after you have created your City, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift]

and click the "God Mode" button. The tools will not be the post-establishment tools,

but will revert back to pre-city tools. They will remain that way as long as you stay in
God mode,
otherwise they go back to normal.

SimCity 4 Cheats

(PC / Windows)

Various Console Cheats

Note: You will know when you have entered a valid code because it will close the

To use a cheat, hit CTRL + X during the game to bring down the console. Now type one
of the following:

Code Result

stopwatch Pause/resume the 24 hour clock

whatimeizit Sets the time of day. Put a space next and the time you wish to set the clock
whererufrom Changes the city name. Then put a new name that you want.

hellomynameis Changes the Mayor's name. Follow with the new name.

you don't deserve it Gives all rewards

sizeof Increases magnification (1-100)

weaknesspays Puts 1,000 in your treasury!

fightthepower Removes power requirement for all buildings.

zoneria Hides empty zone color.

tastyzots Toggles zots on/off.

howdryiam Removes water requirement from all buildings.

WatchMeMove Unknown

DollyLlama Unknown

Barstuck Unknown

RenderProp Unknown

Flora Unknown

Recorder Starts recording

GOL Displays a green tinge effect on the map

FPS (number) Unknown

RP Unknown

TerrainQuery Unknown

Effect Unknown

SimCity 4 Cheats. Platform: PC / Windows.

Unlock Pre-city God Mode Tools

After you have completed your city and established it, you will lose some of the original
tools in God Mode.
To avoid this from happening, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click on God Mode.

This will bring back all of the original God mode tools.

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  1. porra colegas eu quero a manha do dinheiro do sim city 4 mais nao conssigo porfavor qyem tiver manda aiiiiiiiiiiiiiivaleu

  2. aperte crl+x e digite weaknesspays
    para ganhar 1000 reais


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