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Simcity 3000 cheats, dicas, codigos, truques, manhas

Simcity 3000 cheats

Cheat Codes
To enter these codes type ctrl-alt-shift-c all at once during the game, then type in one of the following codes:
i am weak - Construction Costs set to $0
i love red tape - All ordinances become available regardless of year or prerequisities.
give 10000- Credits?
stop forcing advice
force Mortimer to say
force Moe to say
force Constance to say
force Maria to say
force Randall to say
force Gus to say
force Karen to say
force petitioners to say
garbage in, garbage out - All garbage buildings available
power to the masses - all power plants
water in the desert - all water plants
pay tribute to your king - All extra gifts
zyxwvu - Sim Castle Construction if Vinnie's Offer Declined
call cousin Vinnie - $250,000 Donation from Vinnie
let's make a deal
Load terrain
Nerdz Rool - Just type it in after zoning industrial and there will be cleaner industries (eg. Utility Muffin Research)
Salt on - changes the sea to salt water
Salt off - changes the sea to fresh water
Terrain one up - raises the terrain
Terrain one down - lowers the terrain
Terrain ten up - raises the terrain
Terrain ten down - lowers the terrain
the birds - Flock of birds fly over city
Traffic Lights - Reduced Traffic
broccoli - "Sorry money doesn't grow on Broccoli" message
porntipsguzzardo - "Aha we have a real pro here Try BROCCOLI" message
let's make a deal - neighboring cities try to deal
The birds - Flock of seagulls fly over
UFO swarm - If you pick ufo disaster a huge amount of UFO's descend
Various Message Triggers
To enter these codes type ctrl-alt-shift-c all at once during the game, then type in one of the following codes:
easter egg
will wright
electronic arts
money - build anything anywhere anytime
simon says
Mayor's Scandal

When You Bring Up The Cheat Screen, Type in any word, then type "ADVISOR". This Is Important. When you type this in, it will say "Mayor under prosecution for embezzlement."Or It might be a little different.
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Anonymous on Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 06:21:48
All buildings (zone, power, water, R&O, etc.)

1)Open the "Power Structures" window; close it by clicking the "X"
2)Repeat with the "Rewards and Opportunities" window
3)Repeat with the "Garbage Processing" window
4)Open the "Landmarks" window

You will have a huge list of not only the landmarks, but all of the R&O, garbage, power, water, zone, and lots of more structures.
This Cheat/Hint submitted by Ivan ( on Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 15:13:09
Get out of debt easily

This isn't really a code just a really helpful hint. This helps you get out of debt. As long as you got at least 50,000 people this works really well. what you do is you set the all taxes to 22% and then, put all the fundings (transit, roads, fire, etc.) to zero. then wait one year. you should gain a whole bunch of money. then put everything back to the way it was. this should help a bunch.
This Cheat/Hint submitted by jake on Friday, January 19, 2001 at 10:26:09
Terrain Editor

If you want to make a terrain all you have to do is go to some paint program on your com. Change pixels to 257 X 257. Change from color mode to grayscale. You cannot have any color!! (Only if you are doing a large city.) Now using white as highest terrain in the city and black as lowest, make an overview picture of a terrain. (The lighter the gray the higher the terrain will be when you load it.) When you are done, save it. Remember the path. For example: C:/ProgramFiles/Maxis/Cities.
Go into Simcity and start a new city. When you are selecting the amount of Mountains, water, and trees, press SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+C all at the same time. When the textbox appears type the path. (Like the example above.)

Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheats, Codigos, Truques, Dicas

Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheats

• Character influence
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Type "DebugMode 1" (case-sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Use the following commands to affect your party members' influence. You must know their designation, thus the x and y.

The following are the designations to ensure that they are 100\% loyal to you. You should first select your character. In place of x and y, place the following numbers and your influence towards them will be 100. Note: Influence is plot critical towards Chapter 3.

(1,150) Khelgar
(2,150) Neeshka
(3,150) Elanee
(4,150) Qara
(5,150) Sand
(6,150) Grobnar
(7,150) Casavir
(8,150) Bishop
(9,150) Shandra Jerro
(10,150) Construct
(11,150) Zhjaeve
(12,150) Ammon Jerro
(13,150) Bevil (if you invite him along to fight with you in Chapter 3)

• Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window, then type "DebugMode 1" (case sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Press ~ again, then press [Tab] to view the debug commands. Press [Tab] to scroll through the commands. You can enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Success" will appear. If the message "Entered Target Mode" appears, click on the desired character to apply the cheat.

Result Cheat Code
Invincibility [Note 1] dm\_god
20 in all stats, new sword, cannot level irolltwenties
Restore all hit points dm\_heal
Get all spells dm\_allspells 1
Get indicated spell givespell [number]
Get indicated amount of experience points GiveXP [number]
Get indicated amount of gold [Note 2] dm\_givegold [number]
Add indicated feat to selected character givefeat [2-500]
Spawn indicated item giveitem [item code]
Set character level dm\_givelevel [number]
Raise indicated number of levels GetLevel [number]
Set Strength attribute SetSTR [number]
Set Dexterity attribute SetDEX [number]
Set Intelligence attribute SetINT [number]
Set Wisdom attribute SetWIS [number]
Set Constitution attribute SetCON [number]
Set Charisma attribute SetCHA [number]
Set character's fortitude save modifier ModSaveFort
Set character's reflex save modifier ModSaveReflex
Set character's will save modifier ModSaveWill
Set character's spell resistance modifier ModSpellResistance [number]
Set character's age SetAge [number]
Set character's base attack SetAttackBase [number]

Note 1: Select each individual party member by right clicking on their portrait one at a time and enter this code for each one. Invincibility will sometimes be disabled after traveling to certain locations or after certain scripted sequences.

Note 2: Right click on a character first to give gold to that player.

SimCity 4 Cheats, Codigos, Truques, Tricks, Codes, Macetes, Dicas

Start game as usual. During gameplay press [Ctrl]+X to go to console,
then enter the following cheats followed by [Enter]:

WeaknessPays - Get More Simoleons
FightThePower - Remove Power Requierements
HowDryIAm - Remove Water Requierements
You don't deserve it - Unlock All Rewards
Stopwatch - Toggle Clock
WhatTimeIzIt # - Set Daytime To #
WhereRUFrom - Change The Name Of The City
HelloMyNameIs - Change Your Name
SizeOf # - Magnify To #
TastyZots - Toggle Cell Warnings
Recorder - Start Recorder
GOL - Green Tinge On Map
Zoneria - Hide empty zone color
DollyLlama - ?
Barstuck - ?
WatchMeMove - ?
FPS - ?
RP - ?
Flora - ?
RenderProp - ?
TerrainQuery - ?
RenderProp - ?
Effect - ?

NOTE: Entering invalid cheat codes will make the console and text remain indiferent,
whereas entering a valid cheat code will close the console.
Hold SHIFT down while pressing ENTER after entering a cheat code and console will remain open.

Reactivate God mode
To reenter God mode after you have created your City, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift]
and click the "God Mode" button. The tools will not be the post-establishment tools,
but will revert back to pre-city tools. They will remain that way as long as you stay in God mode,
otherwise they go back to normal.

SimCity 4 Cheats
(PC / Windows)

Various Console Cheats
Note: You will know when you have entered a valid code because it will close the console.

To use a cheat, hit CTRL + X during the game to bring down the console. Now type one of the following:

Code Result
stopwatch Pause/resume the 24 hour clock
whatimeizit Sets the time of day. Put a space next and the time you wish to set the clock to.
whererufrom Changes the city name. Then put a new name that you want.
hellomynameis Changes the Mayor's name. Follow with the new name.
you don't deserve it Gives all rewards
sizeof Increases magnification (1-100)
weaknesspays Puts 1,000 in your treasury!
fightthepower Removes power requirement for all buildings.
zoneria Hides empty zone color.
tastyzots Toggles zots on/off.
howdryiam Removes water requirement from all buildings.
WatchMeMove Unknown
DollyLlama Unknown
Barstuck Unknown
RenderProp Unknown
Flora Unknown
Recorder Starts recording
GOL Displays a green tinge effect on the map
FPS (number) Unknown
RP Unknown
TerrainQuery Unknown
Effect Unknown

SimCity 4 Cheats. Platform: PC / Windows.

Unlock Pre-city God Mode Tools
After you have completed your city and established it, you will lose some of the original tools in God Mode.
To avoid this from happening, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click on God Mode.
This will bring back all of the original God mode tools.

Microsoft Freelancer Game Cheats,tricks, PC, Jogo Dicas, Manhas, truques

Location: Cheats -> PC -> PC -> F -> Freelancer
Make Game Super Easy
Backup file before changing
Open PerfOptions.ini file located in your Freelancer game folder with
notepad or a similar text editor and change the following line:
Earn Money
If you have completed some part of the game and have the Dublin System
opened (you have to have access to Battleship Hood) then you can earn
money like breathe air.
All you have to do is get a load of Customer Goods in Manhattan NY and
then transport them to the Battleship Hood. Then you take a load of gold
and go to New London (that's on the way back so don't worry). In New
London you sell the gold and stuff your cargo with Luxury Food. The
difference in price for the Luxury Food in New London and Manhattan is
1000$ so i think it is worth to deliver.
Find Hidden jumps and bases
When you are looking for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your
Nav Map, then select the "Show Patrols" map. The lines that appear show
popular paths that the AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out
beyond the normal trade-lane traffic of a star system will lead to a
hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole. Fly out to where the line
leads to and turn on the "Solars" option on your targeting computer. You
will usually find a place of interest. However, in places with reduced
sensor ranges you will probably have to rely on visually looking for
something. Also, to find all the paths, make sure to look at the
"neutral", "hostile" and "friendly" paths in the patrol paths map. Be wary
of stumbling upon an enemy's base.
Pirate Base (demo)
There is a pirate base located in the badlands in the New York Sector.
Here's a way to slim down your search.
Take the Norfolk Shipyard>>Texas Jumpgate route to the Texas Jumpgate.
From there, head into the Badlands (watch out for the Outcasts that spawn
here) Now, keep your search confined to the areas of E6 and E7.
Now, keep the "ALL" filter selected on your target list. When you get
close enough to it "Buffalo Base" will appear in the list. Don't even
attempt to go to it yet, get to the closest base you can and save.
You will notice that under normal conditions the base is hostile
(highlighted in red), and therefore you cannot dock with it. However, if
you can manage to kill off 50+ Bounty Hunters/Liberty Navy/Liberty Police,
you can slowly convert the base to allow you to dock...and enjoy the
splendors within. :)
(I recommend killing the bounty hunters, as you usually get 5 in a group,
whereas the police and navy usually massacre you with huge numbers)
Hidden Jump gate!
This is a nifty little trick.
First get the PerfOptions cheat on (at 0.00) then fly into ZONE 21, and
search g5 for a jumpgate. I don't know if the nav map will find it so you
will have to find it visually. I did.Note - the jumpgate is to the Alaska
System, i don't know what is in the system because i have the trial
version :(
Cool Guns, and Lv up
message: Once you have killed the "nomads" and finished the game (sort
of). Go to "sigmar 13" (its a border world) check your nav map and you
should see some small red "X"s these are abandoned ships. shoot them with
your weakest weapon and you will get up a level and get a cool Lv10 gun.
don't shoot them with a powerful weapon or youll destroy them. Don't worry
about your rep the ships don't belong to any one.
Loads of cash FAST
Here's the deal guys:
1. go to 'Planet Kyushu'in the Kyushu System with a 'Humpback'Ship or
another Cargo ship.
2. Buy as much 'Niobium' (250 with Humpback - roughly $100.000 at $415
3. Fly to 'Leipzig Station' in the 'Dresden' System (Note - you must have
defeated the nomads to get to Dresden)
4. At Leipsig Station sell al the Niobium for $1600 each making a profit
of roughly $300.000!!!
The only bad part is that it takes quite a while to get from Kyushu to
Leipzig, but in my opinion it is well worth the trip. Also the trip is
faster if you take some 'Wormholes' or whatever they are called. there are
only 2 which i know of that will make your trip faster.
Hidden System
This hint should only be attempted by high level pilots. First, fly to the
Ommicron Gamma system. This system is completely controlled by the
Corsairs, and contains their home planet, so be wary. First enter omega 3
by whatever system is available first - cambridge or omega 7.once in omega
3 find the omega 5 jump hole in sector omega 5 find the omega 41
jump hole in sector omega 41 there will be a jump hole titled
"Unknown Jumphole" in sector 2f go through it.
when in the unknown system there are two planets.1)Primus in sector 5C
(this is controlled by monkeys)2)Gammu in sector 6F (this is controlled by
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Platform: PC

Bloodrayne 2 PC CHEATS Codigos, Senhas, Manhas, Truques, Tricks

Unlock Various Cheat Options

Go To Extras and then type in the cheat as it appears.

Cheat Effect

DODGE THIS MOIST PIMP Gratuitous Dismemberment
CARGO FIRE IMP KAK Credit Carnage Points

Americas army cheats codes Códigos manhas Truques

Cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the "armyops.ini" file in the "system" folder in the game directory.
Add the following line under the "[Engine.GameEngine]" heading to enable cheat mode.

bMPCheats=Enabled 2
Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Third person view behindview 1
No clipping mode1 mpcheat ghost
Weapon select mpcheat changeclass

1. Once activated, you cannot disable this code for the current round.

Information in this section was contributed by DeathScythe2112 and SlapNutz.

Weapon codes:
Use one of the following entries with the mpcheat changeclass code.
AK: AK47
F: Fists
G: M16A2 with grenade launcher
GP: AK47 with grenade launcher
M4A1: M4A1
R: Grenades
RPK: OpFor machine gun
S: M81 sniper
S24: M24 sniper
SVD: Dragonov sniper rifle

Skip MOUT:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the file with your profile name in the "\system\save" folder in the game folder.
Locate the line:
and replace it with:

Information in this section was contributed by hoss77.

Skip all courses:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the file with your profile name in the "\system\save" folder in the game folder.
Locate the line:

and replace it with:

Information in this section was contributed by hoss77.

Unlock any online level:
Press [F3] when the ''Not qualified'' message appears to unlock that online level.


AGE OF EMPIRES 3 Cheat Codes / Codigos, Truques, Senhas, Manhas

AGE OF EMPIRES 3 Cheat Codes
While playing a game, enter talk mode, press [Enter], then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code

New priest unit ------------- convert this!

Car with a missile launcher --------- big momma

Baby on a tricycle with a super-gun ------- pow

Combat robot ----------------- stormbilly

Turns eagles into a 999 hp dragons ----------------- king Arthur

Animals kill with one bite ----------------- grantlinkspence

Instant building ----------------- steroids

Win scenario ----------------- home run

Everyone dies ----------------- diediedie

Resign game ----------------- resign

Full map ----------------- reveal map

1000 food ----------------- pepperoni pizza

1000 gold ----------------- coinage

1000 wood ----------------- Woodstock

1000 stone ----------------- quarry

Remove Fog of War ----------------- no fog

Transform villagers [Note 1] ----------------- medusa

Laser gunner [Note 2] ----------------- photon man

Animal control ----------------- gaia

Juggernauts may move on land ----------------- flying Dutchman

Kill player ----------------- kill[player's position 1-8]

Rocket launcher car ----------------- bigdaddy

Increased catapult range and effect ----------------- big bertha

Priest 600 hit points, speed 6 ----------------- hoyohoyo

Increased ballista range ----------------- icbm

Catapults fire peasants [Note 3] ----------------- jack be nimble

Nuclear missile trooper ----------------- e=mc2 trooper

Commit suicide ----------------- hari kari

Note 1: After enabling this code, move one of the villagers into an opponent. He or she will transform into a Black Rider after death. The Black Rider will transform into a Heavy Catapult after it dies.

Note 2: Enable this code after establishing your Empire and clicking on the center of a town.

Note 3: Enable this code after a catapult